To spearhead the achievement of entrepreneurship development through entrepreneurship education and training in India, this scheme has been launched as the Ministry’s flagship scheme. The overall objective of the scheme is “By 2021, create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship development through entrepreneurship education & training, advocacy, and easy access to entrepreneurship network. Also, promote development of social enterprises for inclusive growth.

PM-YUVA Yojana has four specific objectives

  1. Educate and equip potential and early stage entrepreneurs
  2. Connect entrepreneurs in enabling networks of peers, mentors, incubators, funding and business services
  3. Coordinate and support entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurship Hubs(E-Hubs)
  4. Catalyze a culture shift to support aspiring entrepreneurs

Target Beneficiaries

The target beneficiaries of the scheme are categorized as follows::

  1. Traditional students enrolled in degree programme across undergraduate/ postgraduate courses/ PhD programme/ Diploma
  2. School Students
  3. Students in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs)
  4. All citizens including unorganized sector, women, and existing entrepreneurs in rural as well as urban areas, who would like to take up entrepreneurship education through coordination and support programmes